Range Riders

Living and Working Alongside Wildlife

As part of our wildlife conservation program, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition is helping place seasonal range riders – cowboys and cowgirls who travel across the landscape on horseback – in critical areas to keep bears and wolves out of trouble.

The program aims to prevent conflicts between Yellowstone’s most famous predators and Montana’s livestock. When bears and livestock meet, it often means both prey and predator do not survive.

Your support helps place range riders in critical migration corridors for grizzly bears and where ranchers try to mitigate conflicts. These riders prevent livestock depredation in addition to keeping people safe and bears wild and alive.

The program also helps remove carcasses, place temporary electric fencing or fladry to keep bears and wolves away from area ranches, and supplement an all too limited livestock depredation fund which rarely covers the cost of any losses. If you would like to help fund this project, please donate below.