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Montana Sen. John Walsh introduced a bill on May 22, 2014, calling for protections for East Rosebud Creek, a spectacular stream that rushes off the granite shoulders of the Beartooth Mountains through undulating ranchlands. East Rosebud is a stronghold for native cutthroat trout.

Do you believe that logging projects can help minimize forest fires?

Financial Overview

Financial Summary:  Fiscal Year 2012

On September 30, 2012, GYC had:

  • Total assets of $8 million, liabilities of $1.2 million, and net assets of $6.8 million.
  • $2.2 million was in unrestricted or temporarily restricted cash and investments,
  • $0.8 million was receivable,
  • $3 million was in fixed assets (building, land, cars), and
  • $2 million was in permanently restricted endowment funds.

Revenues[1] for the year were $2,948,141 and expenses were $2,540,955.

Revenue sources were:

  • Individual supporters:             $1,281,126 (43%)
  • Foundation grants:                 $1,503,835 (51%)
  • Other:                                  $   163,180 (  6%)

Expenses were for:

  • Conservation programs:          $1,953,541 (77%)
  • Administration:                      $   260,470 (10%)
  • Fundraising:                          $   326,944 (13%)

 This information is based on GYC’s IRS Form 990 Return.  The Form 990 and a certified audit of GYC’s financial statements by Junkermier, Clark, Campanella, Stevens, P.C.

[1] Revenue is income that is recognized in the year that the funds are pledged, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for nonprofit organizations.  In 2012, GYC received $225,000 that does not appear as revenue on this page because the funds were pledged for 2012 in a prior year, and $655,530 that appears as revenue in 2012 is for use in 2013. 

GYC IS A 501 C(3) NON-PROFIT. OUR TAX ID# IS 81-0414042