Speak up for protecting Grand Teton National Park!

The Moose-Wilson Road Corridor is a special place in Grand Teton National Park with spectacular wildlife and outstanding scenery. Over the past few years, the National Park Service has gone through a rigorous planning process to determine how best to manage traffic on the road and the important wildlife habitat it travels through.

The recently released draft plan attempts to strike a compromise that would benefit both people and wildlife. An improved bicycle-friendly surface, better traffic patterns, reduced speed limit and improved signage are part of the plan, as is protecting the many cultural and natural resources along the backcountry route.

Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, Governor Matt Mead and some special interests groups don’t think so. Today in Cheyenne, the Governor has called an emergency meeting to pressure the Park Service into changing the plan to include things like a separated bike path through prime wildlife habitat and other harmful features. We believe this beautiful part of Grand Teton National Park should be managed for the grizzly bears, moose and elk that call it home.

Please join us today in contacting Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and the Teton County Commissioners. Tell them you believe Grand Teton National Park has done their due diligence and thoughtfully crafted a plan that benefits park visitors, improves safety and minimizes negative impacts to wildlife habitat. The Moose-Wilson Road Corridor is a special place in one our country’s greatest national parks. The last thing it needs are politicians sabotaging the process and pushing for more pavement and traffic congestion.

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