Public Process Could Re-Shape Management of Wild Bison

We have an exciting new opportunity to kick off a new era of conserving Yellowstone’s iconic bison, the last remaining genetically pure bison herd in the world. After nearly 15 years, we now have a chance to fundamentally change the way wild Yellowstone bison are managed and finally start treating them as “wildlife” in Montana. 

Yellowstone National Park recently announced they are working with the State of Montana to re-write the rules by which wild Yellowstone bison are managed (it is officially called “scoping” for the new Interagency Bison Management Plan [IBMP]). 

For years, thousands of bison have been rounded up for slaughter as they migrate out of Yellowstone National Park because of fears of transmitting disease to cattle. However, these fears have been unjustified and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition has been working for decades to eliminate conflicts between private land owners and bison, allowing them room to roam beyond Yellowstone’s boundaries. Creating access for bison to their native winter range is critical for changing this pattern of fear, conflict and slaughter and we need your help to put this option on the table.

Your voice needs to be heard.  Please read our talking points outlining the principles we believe should guide the new rules for wild Yellowstone bison management and take action by submitting your personal comments directly to the Park Service and the State of Montana.

Need help in crafting your comments? Please contact Shana Dunkley at