Too Special to Mine

Greater Yellowstone – Too Special to Mine

Eastern Idaho is a spectacular part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. From towering peaks to rolling sagebrush plains, this corner of our region has everything an outdoor junkie or wildlife enthusiast could dream of. One special feature found here, is the imperiled sage-grouse. This fascinating bird needs large expanses of unbroken habitat to thrive – something found in abundance across eastern Idaho.

In a recent effort to protect sage-grouse habitat, approximately 640,000 acres in eastern Idaho is being considered by the BLM for a mineral withdrawal. This move would preclude mining and protect lands that sage-grouse, mule deer, elk, and many other species rely on. The BLM needs to hear that you support prohibiting new mining claims for twenty years in this critical area west of Yellowstone National Park. Help protect wildlife in Idaho by providing comments to BLM Director Neil Kornze by January 15.

The time is now to let the BLM know that protecting fish and wildlife habitat from hard rock mining is critical for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Click here to download a sample letter to the BLM. Personalized comments matter! Please take a minute to make these your own before submitting. Comments can be sent electronically and are due January 15, 2016.

Please join us in urging the BLM to protect Greater Yellowstone from mining!