Decisions On Yellowstone Bison

Science Should Lead the Way on Bison

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle recently published a great editorial on the importance of basing decisions regarding Yellowstone’s bison on science. We agree wholeheartedly. Science, not politics, should guide bison management.

In an effort to turn this sentiment into action, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and our conservation partners sent a letter to the Interagency Bison Management Plan partner agencies urging them to quickly adopt Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s recent decision to allow Yellowstone bison year-round access to habitat outside Yellowstone National Park. This new plan would drastically reduce or eliminate altogether the need to haze and slaughter bison on the west side Yellowstone. Governor Bullock’s decision represents a positive step forward for Yellowstone bison and deserves support!

To read the editorial, click here.  

To read our letter to bison managers, click here.