Together, we stand for Greater Yellowstone

Take a deep breath, the election is over. The Greater Yellowstone we all love is still here, and we have work to do. Now, more than ever, we must work together to protect the world’s first and most iconic national park.

Yellowstone's Lamar Valley in early fall. (Photo Tom Murphy.)

Yellowstone's Lamar Valley in early fall. (Photo Tom Murphy.)

At GYC, we’ll keep doing what we do best: Working with people and communities to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We know that people haven’t stopped loving Yellowstone or the park’s unparalleled wildlife. The spectacular mountains, valleys, and rivers found here still have the power to unify us. Conserving special places like Greater Yellowstone is not a democratic idea or a republican idea, it is a good idea. One that has united Americans for over a century.

Today, we’re renewing our commitment to Greater Yellowstone and we hope you will join us. In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue reaching out and building strong, diverse coalitions that set differences aside and work together to ensure our children and grandchildren are able to experience the magic that exists here in Greater Yellowstone. Your voice helps create good in the world, and it can make a difference in protecting the places you love.

Whether it’s organizing to protect Yellowstone from gold mines, standing up for wild, free-flowing rivers, or partnering with hunters and ranchers to keep more grizzly bears from dying, when we work together good things happen.

Rather than giving up, casting blame, or picking sides, let’s choose hope. Let’s redouble our efforts. And let’s commit to working together on behalf of the remarkable treasure that belongs to each and every one of us as Americans, the mighty Greater Yellowstone.

--Caroline Byrd, Executive Director