Wyoming land grab

Help stop wyoming land grab

We need your help today to stop attempted land grab efforts in Wyoming. Two bills at the 2016 Wyoming State Legislature aim to seize and privatize our national forests and other public lands.

•    HB 142 - Transfer of federal lands proposes to seize our public lands in Wyoming and sets up a process regarding sale of these lands.
•    HB 126 - Public land access clearly sets Wyoming on a path toward taking over and privatizing public lands within the state's borders.

If you live in Wyoming, we need you to voice your support for our treasured public lands by sending a message to your legislative representative by 10 a.m. on Friday, February 12th. Contact your legislators and tell them that you strongly oppose House Bills 126 and 142. E-mail them directly or call (307) 777-7852 and leave them a message. Let your legislators know that you care deeply about our national forests and public lands in Wyoming, that they are an essential part of Wyoming's quality of life, and that you want them to remain open to the public, not sold off to the highest bidder.