Tom Murphy retraces ski trip

Tom Murphy retraces solo winter ski trip through Yellowstone

Thirty-one years ago, renowned wildlife photographer and friend of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition Tom Murphy embarked upon the expedition of a lifetime – he skied across Yellowstone National Park alone, in the dead of winter, with only a blue tarp for shelter. This February, at age 66, he’s going back, and he’s bringing a film crew to document the journey.

Called “The Journey Through Yellowstone,” the documentary film will not only show Murphy’s experience traveling across the park, but also explore his life as a wildlife photographer and lifelong pursuit of seeking out Yellowstone’s wildest, most remote
places during winter.

Murphy is inviting the public to join this thrilling journey via a live GPS tracking app on the project website ( live updates on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. Through this technology, followers will be able to watch the progress of the journey and see backcountry imagery few people have ever seen.

“There’s so much variety in Yellowstone,” Murphy says. “I’ve been to Lamar Valley 2,000 days, and it’s different every time – a lot different. The variety there is phenomenal in terms of weather, light and seasons. And then interactions with wildlife are always so dynamically different.” The upcoming expedition serves as an opportunity for Murphy to visit his favorite place and share it with anyone curious about Yellowstone’s winter.

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