Tell Wyoming: Science, not politics, should drive wolf management

In 2014, a judge ruled that Wyoming’s controversial wolf management plan did not adequately protect the state’s population of wolves. Mainly due to a provision that allowed the animal to be shot on sight in two-thirds of the state, the judge restored Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in Wyoming and put management back into the hands of the federal government.

Over the years, Wyoming has had ample opportunities to improve their plan and better manage wolves. Instead of making the necessary changes, the state has now asked Congress to intervene. Congressional representatives from Wyoming and several upper Mid-West states (Lummis, Ribble, Benishek, and Peterson) recently proposed Amendment #2 on bill H.R. 2406, which if passed would undermine the Endangered Species Act, strip current protections from wolves, and return management authority to Wyoming. 

Please contact your Congressional Representative today and urge them to oppose Amendment #2 on H.R. 2406. Contact Washington, D.C. offices directly or call the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121 for a directory of House members.