GYC delays Yellowstone-area mine permit

Great news! A proposed gold mine just outside Yellowstone National Park has been delayed, largely thanks to the comments we sent to the Montana agency that issues mining permits.

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) today agreed with GYC's comments and rejected the Australian-backed Crevice Mining Group's application to mine above Jardine, less than a mile from Yellowstone. DEQ is requiring Crevice Mining Group submit a new application.  

The company already has what’s called a small-miner’s exemption, which limits surface disturbance to five acres, with no further permitting necessary. But DEQ raised an eyebrow when Crevice Mining Group applied for an exploration permit for almost 20 acres, and then proposed to go back to the minimally regulated small-miners exemption. In a letter to Crevice Mining Group, the DEQ said Crevice's operation plan was inconsistent with the law, and sent Crevice back to the drawing board. 

We applaud DEQ's close scrutiny of this proposed operation on the edge of Yellowstone. Thank you, DEQ, for hearing our comments and concerns about the mine. And thank you to all of our supporters who are helping us protect the wild heart of North America. 

-- Joe Josephson, Montana Conservation Associate