Montana grants bison more room to roam – thanks to GYC’s work

Yellowstone's bison can roam in some 400 square miles outside the park, thanks to bison agency partners agreeing to move forward with a decree Montana's governor laid out in late 2015.

The new plan allows Yellowstone bison to roam in an area outside the park about the size of Greater Los Angeles. The two areas where bison are now allowed are in red and in yellow on the map below.

It's hard to imagine how far from a solution the Interagency Bison Management Plan team was last fall. Two decades of work had led to an impasse. Some kind of compromise needed to happen if the status quo (hazing and killing) was going to change for bison. We worked closely with the state of Montana -- the governor's office and Fish, Wildlife and Parks -- to come up with the compromise.

This is a new day for bison. It's a major first step on the road towards stopping the hazing and killing of bison around Yellowstone. Bison deserve better. They're wildlife and they deserve to be treated like wildlife.

People have worked on this for decades, and have devoted their lives to it. We're so grateful to join forces with other dedicated partners on this issue, and do what's best for wild bison in Greater Yellowstone.

-- Shana Dunkley, Wildlife Program Associate