East Rosebud bill out of committee; moves to the full Senate

Great news! A bill that would keep dams and other industrial projects away from 20 miles of river in Montana's Beartooth Mountains (north of Yellowstone) moved out of committee yesterday.

Montana's East Rosebud Creek from the air. (Photo Chris Boyer, Lighthawk.)

Montana's East Rosebud Creek from the air. (Photo Chris Boyer, Lighthawk.)

Yesterday's vote in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee cleared the way for the bill to move to the entire Senate for a vote. The bill protects 20 miles of Montana’s East Rosebud Creek under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

A big thanks goes out to Montana senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines for their continued leadership on this bill. Here's Sen. Daines on the East Rosebud bill:

I have personally spent a lot of time in the East Rosebud of Montana, as an avid backpacker there in the Beartooth Wilderness. More than 90 percent of local landowners and all subdivision associations and ranches in a 10-mile radius are backing this bill. It is hard to get that kind of support for anything we do as it relates to public lands policy...it is remarkable, the support we have back home in Montana for this. For a five-mile radius, the approval rate goes to 99 percent. It's hard to do anything with that kind of unanimity with anything here in Washington.

And a big thanks goes out to you, our members, for standing with us as we spent years working with our partners to build the broad-based support Sen. Daines mentions. We're looking forward to the full vote in the Senate, and we'll keep you posted.

-- Charles Wolf Drimal, Waters Conservation Associate