We've reviewed the grizzly bear delisting rule, and here's what we think

Last month when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the release of their final delisting rule for the Yellowstone grizzly bear, we told you we’d give the rule a thorough review and get back to you with our thoughts.

We read the entire 515-page rule. Do we think it is perfect? No. But we are not opposing it because it requires the states to keep the bear population stable.

So, what’s next for GYC and our work with bears?

We will hold the states’ feet to the fire to make sure they stick to their commitments. It’s our job to hold the states and the Forest Service accountable to what they’re committed to do for bears. The American people won’t tolerate seeing a decline in bear numbers. We’ll be there every day to stand up for grizzlies and protect the 40-year, $40 million investment that brought bears back from the brink.  

We will stand firm for the Endangered Species Act, the law that saved Yellowstone grizzly bears from extinction. Right now, some politicians are trying to weaken the Endangered Species Act. This law is 99 percent effective. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep politicians from meddling with this critical law.

GYC will continue to oppose grizzly bear hunting. Over the last year, we’ve repeatedly called for at least a five-year moratorium on hunting. But we also know what’s killing bears is run-ins with hunters, cows, hikers, and campers. That’s why we’re working to bear-proof campgrounds and communities, inspire people to carry bear spray, and secure voluntary grazing allotment retirements.

The work we do every day on the ground to keep bears alive continues. We’ve already raised almost $1 million to bear-proof campgrounds, protected lands bears need to thrive from gold mines, and much more. Please click here to learn about what GYC’s doing to keep bears alive and people safe.

Thank you so much for standing with us to protect grizzly bears for years to come. We’re proud of the role we’ve played in the comeback of the grizzly, one of America’s greatest wildlife success stories.

-- Caroline Byrd, Executive Director