Call Sen. Daines today - and keep gold mines away from Yellowstone!

We were disappointed recently when Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) told the Billings Gazette that the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act “will go nowhere.”

This bill, introduced in April by Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), protects Yellowstone, your public lands near the park, and the Paradise Valley’s healthy economy. The bill can pass – if the entire Montana delegation gets behind it.

You can help protect Yellowstone’s northern gateway today.

  • Call Sen. Daines at 406-587-3446 and ask him to work with Sen. Tester to pass the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act, which will protect 30,000 acres of your public lands north of the park from gold mining. Tell him you want him to move this bill out of committee so it has a chance to pass by the end of the year.  

Tell Sen. Daines that introducing his own bill would simply be another delay. This is not what Montana needs – as of this writing, a Canadian company is getting ready to drill exploratory holes up Emigrant Gulch. This is no time to overcomplicate a very simple community-driven solution. The current bill is supported by 360 local businesses, local lawmakers, and the county commissioners.

If you need more food for thought, a Montana business owner wrote in to the Gazette over the weekend, tying championing the mines bill to championing Montana's wider outdoor economy:

The right thing to do would be for Daines to listen to the hundreds of businesses and local leaders who have helped craft a homegrown plan for supporting jobs on the doorsteps of Yellowstone. The legislation does not need to be over-complicated or burdened down by any attempts to ‘balance’ it. If the voices of 360 local businesses are not enough, please read through the Outdoor Industry Report and pay particular attention to these numbers:

  • The recreation and outdoor-driven economy in Montana supports 71,000 direct jobs;
  • This economy yields $2.2 billion in wages and salaries;
  • The outdoor industry bolster’s our state’s well-being by providing $286 million in state and local taxes.

Please weigh in today. This bill is the solution we all can get behind to protect our healthy economy and the wild public lands that drive that economy.

Thanks for taking the time to protect Greater Yellowstone from risky gold mining projects.

-- Joe Josephson, Montana Conservation Associate