C grades for griz managers in GYC's new report card

Grizzly managers around Yellowstone get straight Cs from us on how well they're holding to their commitments to keep Yellowstone's grizzlies in good shape, following the bears' delisting earlier this year. 

These grades are from our new grizzly bear report card we've created to hold wildlife managers in the three-state area around Yellowstone accountable as they prepare to meet for the first time since Yellowstone bears were delisted.

report card - just the top.jpg
meat of report card.jpg

Our criteria for this report card -- the commitments states and agencies have made in various documents this year -- can be found by clicking here

Now that delisting has happened, we're holding the states' feet to the fire to make sure they stick to their commitments. The American people won't tolerate seeing a decline in bear numbers. We'll be there every day to stand up for grizzlies and protect the 40-year, $40 million investment that brought bears back from the brink.

And the work we do every day on the ground to keep bears alive continues. We've already raised almost $1 million to bear-proof campgrounds, protected lands bears need to thrive from gold mines, and much more. Please click here to learn about what we're doing to keep bears alive and people safe.

Thank you so much for supporting our work to keep Yellowstone's grizzlies alive.

-- Caroline Byrd, Executive Director