Your donation to the Grizzly Bear Campaign will keep bears wild and people safe. Thanks to you, no other group in the ecosystem is doing more or investing more than the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Below are examples of successful efforts to date as well as next steps where your generous gift will make a difference. Your campaign donation received between now and December 31, 2019 will ensure a safe future for Yellowstone grizzly bears.

connecting bears

progress report

  • Convened a gathering of conservation partners and agencies to begin identifying priority locations for grizzly bear connectivity in southwest Montana.

  • Initiated a remote camera monitoring program at six potential underpass locations aimed at showcasing wildlife migration routes along Highway 89 south of Jackson in anticipation of crossing structures being built starting in 2017/18.

  • For the past three years, GYC has been at the forefront of advocating for a protective conservation strategy and state management plans that will allow grizzly bears to thrive for years to come regardless of their legal status.

  • Working with partner organizations, GYC helped deliver over 650,000 comments in opposition to delisting in 2017.


  • Continue to promote connectivity through federal agency land management planning processes and state management to eventually establish demographic connectivity within the Northern Rockies.

  • Track and oppose any Congressional threats to the ESA and grizzly bears.

  • Work with public and private partners to ensure funding for Highways 22/320 underpasses.

  • Build off the Montana wildlife and transportation summit to develop priority locations for crossing structures, primarily along the I-90 corridor, in conjunction with the Montana Department of Transportation.

  • Continue to advocate for the installation of up to three wildlife crossing overpasses in the Highway 20 corridor. This project runs through Island Park, Idaho in an area bears frequently move through when connecting to lands further north and west of the GYE.


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