Your donation to the Grizzly Bear Campaign will keep bears wild and people safe. Thanks to you, no other group in the ecosystem is doing more or investing more than the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Below are examples of successful efforts to date as well as next steps where your generous gift will make a difference. Your campaign donation received between now and December 31, 2019 will ensure a safe future for Yellowstone grizzly bears.

reducing conflicts

progress report

  • Developed a successful partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to cost-share the installation of bearproof food storage containers, dumpsters, gates, and informational kiosks at 164 campgrounds in Greater Yellowstone.

  • Partnered with Montana’s Tom Miner Basin Association and Centennial Valley Association to fund range rider programs and proactive non-lethal measures to prevent bear conflicts and livestock predation in important grizzly bear habitat. Using tools like electrified fencing/fladry, carcass removal, and range riders has proven effective at significantly reducing conflicts with wolves and grizzly bears in these locations.

  • Helped private landowners pay for electric fence in areas where grizzlies roam outside the parks in Idaho and Montana. This partnership with Defenders of Wildlife matches landowner funds 1:1 to build fences that keep grizzlies out of trouble on private lands.   

  • Hosted workshops with livestock producers in Montana and Wyoming on reducing conflicts between livestock and grizzly bears (and other carnivores, including wolves.) Producers are critical to our conservation work in the one-third of the ecosystem that’s privately owned.   


  • Install the last of the bear boxes in campgrounds on the Custer Gallatin National Forest during the summer of 2019.

  • Work with Shoshone National Forest to install 10 backcountry bear boxes in the Wind River Range where grizzly bears are expanding into historic ranges.

  • Install 19 bearproof dumpsters in the Ashton-Island Park District of the Caribou Targhee National Forest.

  • Work with outfitters in Montana and on the Shoshone National Forest to install large bearproof storage containers that protect grizzly bears from conflicts with horse feed and elk carcasses.

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