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GYC strongly supports legislation that is introduced in the U.S. Congress, calling for protections for East Rosebud Creek, a spectacular stream that rushes off the granite shoulders of the Beartooth Mountains through undulating ranchlands. East Rosebud is a stronghold for native cutthroat trout.

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Bridger-Teton: Where deer, pronghorn and grizzlies roam

Update: After the remarkable success of the Wyoming Range Legacy Act, which protected most of the 1.2 million acre Wyoming and Salt River ranges from leasing and development, some oil and gas lease issues remain. We are awaiting an environmental impact statement (EIS) by the Bridger-Teton National Forest on whether to authorize energy development on 44,720 acres on the forest near Big Piney, Wyoming. We believe no development should occur in these important areas for wildlife and recreation, and thousands of people have repeatedly asked the BTNF to make the right decision. We anticipate the EIS will be available later this year and we'll work hard for a final decision that protects this landscape later this year.

Overview: After the passing of the Wyoming Range Legacy Act in 2009, which protected most of the 1.2-million-acre Wyoming and Salt River ranges from leasing and development, some oil and gas leases must still be dealt with – most notably the 44,720 acres near Big Piney.

We also continue to work with the Bridger-Teton to help implement a motorized travel plan that better protects some 250,000-acres of wildlife habitat between Bondurant and Moran. GYC led a coalition of five organizations that mobilized the public to gain a balanced decision in 2008 that closed many miles of damaging motorized routes through streams and important habitats. Many of the former routes still require on-the-ground hard work to restore the abused soils and plants. We help put together teams that rehab some of these areas each summer. 

GYC will soon engage in a lengthy process in the Gros Ventre River watershed to try to gain an outcome that will prevent damage of important wildlife habitats by livestock.  We are finalizing an intern report that focuses on the conservation status of cutthroat trout in this watershed and that will inform our participation in the upcoming Gros Ventre grazing EIS. Some of our 2007 work resulted in the buyout of the 178,000-acre Bacon Creek-Fish Creek cattle allotment in the Gros Ventre Valley. These areas are important for predator and prey species and cutthroat trout, and contain critical big-game winter range. 

Project Goals: We will continue to work with such stakeholders as hikers, anglers, mountain bikers, hunters, horse packers, motorized enthusiasts, and agency representatives to maintain the integrity of key wildlife habitat on the Bridger-Teton.


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  • The Bridger-Teton National Forest is comprised of 3.4 million acres.
  • 1.2 million acres are designated wilderness
  • The BTNF has 74 mammal and 355 bird species.

Scott Christensen, Conservation Director

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