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GYC strongly supports legislation that is introduced in the U.S. Congress, calling for protections for East Rosebud Creek, a spectacular stream that rushes off the granite shoulders of the Beartooth Mountains through undulating ranchlands. East Rosebud is a stronghold for native cutthroat trout.

Have you caught a cutthroat trout in Yellowstone Lake?

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Quite literally, there is no place on earth like Greater Yellowstone. It is fire and ice. It is jagged mountain peaks and verdant valleys. It is acres of lush forests bathing mountainsides in vivid greens and stark sagebrush plains stretching to the horizon. It is the hissing and spewing of geysers and the serenity of meadows carpeted in wildflowers. Above all. it is a rarity in this day of relentless development — a wild and alive place where the people who live, work and recreate here can experience the unparalleled wonders of one of the world’s last largely intact temperate ecosystems. See map here.

Gallatin Range: Protecting Yellowstone's northwest boundary
Latest News: Part of making the case for protecting some of the last wild country adjacent to Yellowstone National Park is knowing it and sharing it with others. During the summer of 2014, Greater Yellowstone Coalition staff ...
Resolution Achieved for the Absaroka-Beartooth Front
Latest News: Exciting news for Greater Yellowstone’s Absaroka-Beartooth Front! The nation’s first national forest, the Shoshone in northwest Wyoming, is known for its large expanse of wilderness and abundant wildlife. The world renowned Absaroka-Beartooth Front ...
Phosphate Mining: A cause of deadly toxins in Greater Yellowstone
Latest News: Yet another report continues to show the increasing threats posed by selenium in southwest Greater Yellowstone streams due to phosphate mining. Tom Myers, a hydrologic consultant from Reno, Nev., in a report for ...
The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act
Latest News: Christmas came early in Montana this year.  The Montana Congressional delegation united behind a package of public lands bills - including the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act and the North Fork Watershed ...