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protect montana’s wild rivers!

Montana’s rivers are a lifeblood for the state. They provide drinking water, irrigation water, and world-class recreational opportunities.

We’re pushing to introduce the Montana Headwaters Security Act. This draft legislation would designate new Wild and Scenic River protections on some of the best rivers and creeks on public lands in Montana, including portions of the Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Smith. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is the highest form of river protection in the United States.

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Photo: Tom Murphy

Photo: Tom Murphy

Help keep bears alive and people safe!

Grizzly bears are an iconic species on the Greater Yellowstone landscape. Nearly driven to extinction in the ecosystem, grizzlies have experienced a remarkable comeback. From 136 individuals in 1975 to 712 in 2018, grizzlies are now thriving.

With this increasing population, it’s important to be extra bear-aware when out in Greater Yellowstone. This includes carrying easily accessible bear spray, recreating in groups of four or more, and properly storing odorous items when camping.

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