Our Solution for Yellowstone Bison

We are working to ensure wild bison are valued and managed like other wildlife in Greater Yellowstone. Specifically, we envision a day when Yellowstone bison are sustainably managed as healthy, free roaming wildlife throughout national parks, national forests and other suitable habitats in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and are used to restore conservation herds elsewhere in North America.

To realize this vision, our strategies focus on four key areas:

  •  Advocating for a new Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) that treats bison as wildlife, allows them to occupy significant habitat outside of the park without hazing or slaughter, creates a new science-based population objective, and focuses disease management actions on cattle instead of bison.
  • Securing additional year-round access to habitat outside of Yellowstone’s north and west boundaries.
  • Reducing conflicts with landowners and building social tolerance for bison on the landscape outside of the Park through our Bison Coexistence Program.
  • Establishing a well-managed translocation program that results in the restoration of wild bison herds in appropriate locations throughout North America.