Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance

At the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, we look at the whole landscape and all its parts regardless of whether land is public or private. We see it as a living ecosystem. That’s why we are committed to working with everyone who lives, works, and plays in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. As members of the Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance, we listen to, learn from, and work with each other. Through our partnerships, ranchers learn from non-profit groups and non-profit groups learn from ranchers. Our different experiences and expertise bring to light new ideas and answers to conservation concerns. Together, we can find solutions and preserve this place for all its parts for future generations.

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a remarkable natural landscape. It is home to a complete array of native wildlife, the headwaters of the west, an important place in the history of conservation, and of deep importance to the Indigenous custodians whose traditional territories encompass this region and whose relationships with the land continues to this day.

When the Greater Yellowstone Coalition looks at conservation in Montana, and across the ecosystem, we see the whole landscape. We know that to have thriving lands, water, wildlife, and communities, we must look cohesively at all the elements. People live and work here. Many are family ranches that help keep Greater Yellowstone vibrant and vast. They are part and parcel of why Montana is known as “the last best place.”

Public and private lands are crucial to the landscape, keeping it whole and working like nature should. When we all work together, we find ways to durable, lasting conservation for Greater Yellowstone. Below chronicles some of the ways we are partnering and sharing how people value a working landscape in Montana for the greater good of this ecosystem.

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The Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance (RVSA) was formed in 2016 with the understanding that public lands and working ranches are tied together. Our goals are to preserve our wilderness heritage and quiet landscapes, build lasting relationships among partners, maintain our working landscapes, maintain and enhance high-quality recreation experiences, and maintain and enhance our outdoor way of life in the great Ruby landscape.

Members of the alliance include the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the Montana Wilderness Association, The Nature Conservancy, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Ruby Valley Stock Users Association, the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the Ruby Habitat Foundation, and many more.

Questions? E-mail Montana Conservation coordinator Darcie warden or wildlife program associate brooke shifrin.